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Sapiens Nutrition

We believe everyone should be able to live life to the fullest, which requires good health and vitality!


Working with a Nutritionist is more than just meal plans and masking symptoms with pills and potions. Throughout your appointments, we aim to understand your individual body functioning and discuss your health and health history in a holistic way to understand the root causes of the symptoms or conditions you’re experiencing. The end goal is to assist in rectifying these root causes and have you feeling amazing.


Too often we walk away from appointments being told we are fine or not understanding fully why we feel like we do and we blindly trust others to fix our issues, our aim while addressing any health complaint is to empower and educate you on why we believe they are occurring as we consider it an important underpinning of positive change.

Martika - Sapiens Clinical Nutritionist (Bhsc Nut Med) 

It is my pleasure to offer Nutrition appointments to our Sapiens Fitness members and I see such opportunity to up level your fitness goals, training and vitality by ensuring your body is functioning optimally.   

I am a Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Friend but I am also a Degree qualified and accredited Clinical Nutritionist with a strong desire to help people feel their best and live a full life, symptom free.

Health is my highest value because I truly believe if we arent healthy and functioning well then we arent truly enjoying all the other aspects of life to the highest degree. Health in my opinion has to be a very conscious choice in this era, as our food and environment become more and more nutrient void and toxic. There is a normalisation of masking symptoms in our society which can only get us so far. Addressing the underlying causes of health conditions in an evidence based way is so important to me. So many conditions are preventable and even reversible. 


Areas of health I feel I thrive in are addressing fatigue/energy issues, anxiety, gut health and working with Women on their preconception, pregnancy and postpartum journeys but there is so much more we are trained to do. 

Micronutrient deficiencies 


Weight issues 

Irregular periods/period pain 

Mood disorders

Sleep disturbances

Suboptimal Thyroid functioning 


Allergies and Intolerances 

Skin conditions 


Appointments take place in person at Sapiens Fitness or online

8-1pm Wednesdays

1-7pm Thursdays

New client appointments are limited each week so please get in early. 

Book a free 10 min discovery call to chat about how Nutrition appointments can help you by contacting 

Vitality Pack



3 face-to-face consults over 2-4 months

Initial appointment (45-60minutes)

2 x Follow up appointments (30 minutes)

Payment plans available  

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